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Simplicity® Dilators were developed with the physician in mind to perform sinus dilation without the added expense and complexity of traditional dilation procedures.

The benefits of using the Simplicity Sinus Dilators include:

  • Quick in-office procedures. Most take between 6 and 20 minutes to dilate the necessary sinuses
  • Patients may experience immediate or long-term relief*
  • Designed with centimeter gauges to reduce the risk of over-insertion
  • Possibility of high success rates*
  • Designed for patients of all ages. Differently sized dilators allow you to iteratively dilate the sinuses
  • Reimbursed by most insurance companies & Medicare

With a simple and quick insertion of the Simplicity® Dilator tips into the applicable sinus, you’ll bring relief to the majority of your patients. There are no balloons or inflation or manipulation devices required.

Example of Cost Savings

A physician who performs 5 dilations per month and pays $1,200 per disposable device would have a yearly expense of $72,000. If this physician purchased a Simplicity® Solid and Suction Dilator set the physician would pay just $17,500 total. The physician would break even with the cost of disposable dilators in approximately 14 cases, and save over $54,000 per year going forward. One medical group using Simplicity® Dilators has saved over $750k in disposable device costs so far and $450k per year.

How to Use

In the hands of a trained Otolaryngologist or other specialist familiar with sinus surgery, the Simplicity Sinus Dilators may feel familiar and intuitive when finding and dilating the ostia of the frontal, sphenoid, and maxillary sinuses. See our dedicated page on how to use Simplicity Sinus Dilators.


Simplicity ENT Sinus Dilators are made with medical grade stainless steel and built to last!

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