Simple  •  Reusable  •  Effective

Easy to use for the physician, cost savings for the practice. Win, Win.


Due to our simple and ergonomic design experienced surgeons may see a significant reduction in operative time as compared to disposable dilation systems. The Simplicity® Solid Dilators come in multiple sizes and have dilation tips at both ends to quickly dilate the sinuses.


Simplicity® Dilators are low cost and reusable. One set may pay for itself after a small number of procedures. Use of the Simplicity® Dilators is reimbursed by most insurance companies and Medicare under sinus dilation procedures.


Simplicity® Dilators are both low risk and effective in patients of all ages. When surveyed, our patients experienced positive and improved short and long term results.* The rates of improved symptoms* are similar to those of more complicated devices and procedures without the additional risk of device failure.

Designed by a Physician, for Physicians