Sinus Dilation Simplified

Simplicity® Dilators do not require cutting of nasal bone or tissue, nor any manipulation or inflation of sinus balloons.  During sinus dilation, a Simplicity® Dilator is positioned and used to gently open the sinus passageways, facilitating drainage of the mucus buildup. They widen the sinus passageway, while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining. Most of our patients that underwent sinus dilation have reported clinically meaningful improvement in sinus symptoms and quality of life.*

Simplicity® Dilators are made from high-quality medical grade steel, which can be easily cleaned and sterilized for multiple uses.

Simplicity® Dilators are designed for sinus dilation of the Frontal, Sphenoid, and Maxillary sinuses. For your convenience and that of your patient’s, the Simplicity® Dilators ergonomic design comes in various sizes and configurations to maximize efficiency during sinus surgery. The dilators’ sizes range from 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter. The Simplicity® Suction Dilators have a hollow core to allow you to dilate suction, irrigate, or view (e.g., fiber optic camera) the sinuses during the sinus dilation procedure.


Fast Procedures

Due to our simple and ergonomic design experienced surgeons may see a significant reduction in operative time as compared to disposable dilation systems. The Simplicity® Solid Dilators come in multiple sizes and have dilation tips at both ends to quickly dilate the sinuses.


Very Effective

Simplicity® Dilators are both low risk and effective in patients of all ages. When surveyed, our patients experienced positive and improved short and long term results.* The rates of improved symptoms* are similar to those of more complicated devices and procedures without the additional risk of device failure.


Affordable & Reusable

Simplicity® Dilators are low cost and reusable. One set may pay for itself after a small number of procedures. Use of the Simplicity® Dilators is reimbursed by most insurance companies and Medicare under sinus dilation procedures. To learn more about how you can increase your profits on day one, email us at or call 801.822.2143.

*When compared to pre-operative symptoms. Data on file.



What Our Customers Are Saying…

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“Working with Simplicity provided for great ease in communication and trial utilization. Simplicity provides a flexible and responsive approach to customer care and relationships, beginning with the initial point of contact.”

-Tracy Noble, Director of Operations | ADVENT

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