Low Cost & Reusable

Simplicity® Dilators are low cost and reusable. (del -The inventors of the )Simplicity® Dilators are designed to Doctor‘s specifications to keep costs affordable so that more patients can have the benefits of low cost sinus surgery. Simplicity® Dilators are made with the highest quality medical grade stainless steel for effective use over a number of […]

Very Effective

High success rates at opening sinus passageways with reduced risks of device failure or complications. ENT Doctors have reported success rates similar to or better than those of much more complicated devices and procedures, such as balloon sinuplasty. Simplicity® Dilators are both low risk and effective in patients of all ages (adults and children) with […]

Fast Procedures

Quick, simple, and effective in-office procedures. In as little as a few minutes, the new Simplicity® Dilators and procedures for performing sinus dilation provides most patients with immediate relief of sinusitis with a simple, effective, and comfortable in-office procedure. The Simplicity® Dilators are true to their name providing simple and effective sinus dilation. Simplicity® Dilators […]