The reliable,
and reimbursable solution for sinus dilation procedures.

Significant cost savings per patient

(compared to disposable devices)

No packaging or product waste

No product expiration dates

Low chance of device failures

Quick procedures

Total control of the tip and dilator forces

Great patient experience and outcome

Insurance reimbursable

Choose from Two Sinus Dilator Sets

Complete “Suction”
Sinus Dilator Set

The Simplicity suction dilator set include 4 hollow core dilators with dilation tips for the sphenoid, and frontal sinus varying in size from 4- 5 mm. The suction dilators include a bypass valve to control the vacuum assisted suction function. The handles are ergonomically shaped facilitating their use during primary or secondary dilation procedures. The Simplicity® solid dilator set is reusable and made from medical grade stainless steel. Each set comes with one year warranty.

Price: $10,000

Sinus Dilator Set

The Simplicity® solid dilator set includes 6 solid dilators with dilation tips for the sphenoid, frontal, and maxillary sinus varying in size from 2-5 mm. The handles are ergonomically shaped facilitating their use during primary or secondary dilation procedures. The Simplicity® solid dilator set is reusable and made from medical grade stainless steel. Each set comes with one year warranty.

Price: $10,000

Buy Both Sets and Save 15%

(Solid & Suction Sets)

Price: $17,500 - Save 15%

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try them for 60 days and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, return them for a full refund*.

It’s that simple.

* Return shipping costs not included.

See Simplicity Dilators
in Action

See for yourself how Simplicity Sinus Dilators are easy to use. Watch the sinus dilation of the frontal, maxillary, and sphenoid sinuses. The oval depth markings prevent over-insertion of the Sphenoid Dilator into the sphenoid sinus of the patient, as shown in Figures 3 and 4.

Simplify Sinus Surgery with the Simplicity Dilators are a Surgery Game-Changer for Doctors

Insurance Compatibility

Over the past five years, over 10,000+ procedures have been successfully performed and billed using these innovative dilators, instilling confidence in their insurance compatibility. There are no discernable differences in reimbursement outcomes compared to other methods, you can focus on providing quality care without the financial burden that some dilation procedures generate. Switch to the Simplicity Dilator today and experience the difference for yourself!

Rigid Design for Sinus Surgery Training

The Simplicity Dilator is a game changer when it comes to sinus surgery. Its rigid design is similar to the sinus seeker devices used for sinus location, so it's easy to learn how to use them. Plus, its unique "tactile feedback" feature enables faster surgical procedures with great patient outcomes.

Reusable & Cost-Effective

The Simplicity Dilator comes in both solid and suction versions and is reusable. That provides a higher profit per surgery at a lower cost than disposable devices. Plus, the suction dilator can accommodate a fiber optic camera for more detailed viewing of the sinuses.

Remarkable Results with No Complications

Doctors have been using the Simplicity Dilator for over three years and have observed remarkable results with few to no complications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Pete Shepard, MD
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I am usually not an early adopter of new technology and innovations. I was skeptical of the sinus dilators until I got a chance to use them. I can say from firsthand experience that that the maxillary dilator is clearly superior to a balloon. It is less traumatic and has a better natural shape. The frontal dilator has also worked well for me. These tools nicely expand our treatment options.
Matt Hinsley
Matt Hinsley
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I have used the sinus dilators for in-office sinus procedures while working with the National Sinus Institute. I found the dilators to be well-made and thoughtful in design. Specifically, they were extremely effective at finding and dilating the maxillary sinus ostium. I definitely recommend them.
Jesse Knight
Jesse Knight
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I have used the Simplicity sinus dilators since they first became available. They are my first choice instruments, particularly for in office sinus dilation procedures. I can describe them as effective, safe, and a valuable investment. Their use is intuitive and comparable to using a sinus seeker. The best way I could describe the instruments, is to have a sinus seeker combined with a dilator as a single tool. They are a game changer and I can’t imagine using anything else.
Tracy Noble
Director of Operations | ADVENT
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"Working with Simplicity provided for great ease in communication and trial utilization. Simplicity provides a flexible and responsive approach to customer care and relationships, beginning with the initial point of contact."
Madan Kandula, MD
Otolaryngologist | AVENT
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"Simplicity dilators have been a valuable addition to our sinus armamentarium. The dilators represent a welcome confluence between ease of use, reproducible results, and surgical steel."
Dr. E. L.
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“Love your dilators!”
1. Significantly less bleeding.
2. Less discomfort, even pressure.
3. More patients willing to do cash pay since it is a grand cheaper.
4. Not a single post dilation sinusitis first 20 cases (would have expected 3-4 with disposable devices.
Kicking myself I didn’t do this when I first heard about reusables 5 years ago.”

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